Massage in Electronic City Bangalore – Body Massage Parlour

Have you lost your enthusiasm and peace of mind beneath the stack of files at your office or in between the expectation of your boss or spouse, and looking for a body massage parlour in electronic city Bangalore? You want to go back in to the time when you were full of energy and now you are not able to recognize yourself as the burden of deadlines have made you dull and monotonous. If all these are your symptoms then a body massage in electronic city Bangalore will rejuvenate you like anything. You are not too far from it, your use Google map and reach as fast as you could.

Female to Male Body Massage Center in Electronic City Bangalore

You might be thinking how it to have massage in electronic city Bangalore is. You will not be disappointed as we have well trained staff, expert in new and old massage techniques along with Indian and exotic massage therapies like Swedish massage, Thai massage, foot massage, medical massage, ayurvedic massage, sports massage, oil therapies and trigger point therapy. You will also get female to male massage in electronic city Bangalore. Our parlour has all facilities and equipments like massage tables and chairs, warm water therapy pools, dry water massage tables and Vichy showers. We provide best ambience as per the need like dim lit rooms, soothing music with aroma candles.

As it mentioned above that we are available with many kinds of massage therapies. If you have heard these names for the first time then let me allow to do briefing for some of the important and popular therapies which just react miracles.

It is one of the popular massage therapies and ranges from light to vigorous massage. It is consist of five style strokes and they are effleurage which means sliding and gliding; petrissage means kneading; tapotement means rhythmic tapping; friction and vibration or shaking.

It is from the land of white elephants and listed in the popular and effective massage therapies by experts. It is a deep and full body massage therapy. Thai massage is mainly focused on energy lines of the body and to remove any blockages in these lines. Thus, increasing the blood and lymph circulation throughout the body.

As the name reveals this massage technique is mainly focused on feet usually the sole of the foot for relaxation. It is said that there are certain points on our feet which is linked to different organs. So activating these linkage point effects the corresponding organs in a highly positive way.

This massage is for blocking the trigger points that cause pain and other sensations.

Benefits of Body Massage in Electronic City Bangalore

There are innumerable benefits of visiting a body massage parlour in electronic city Bangalore like it cures depression and diseases caused due to stress viz. insomnia. It heals the body and freshens the mind. It helps to cure diseases like migraine, gastrointestinal disorders, asthma etc. It also eliminates joint pains, back pain or muscle cramps due to intense workout or menses. A massage therapy is a treat to body don’t miss it.