Body massage Center in Koramangala Bangalore

Are you looking for a massage therapy for your inner makeover? Then there is a good news for you. We have come up with new Indian and exotic body massage center in Koramangala Bangalore. That gives you wide range of options to choose from like Swedish massage, Thai massage, foot massage, trigger point massage, chinese massage, ayurvedic massage, oil therapies and a never ending list.

Why to Visit for a Body Massage in Koramangala Bangalore

1. We are very well equipped with all kinds of facilities like massage chairs and tables which are used specifically during a therapy.

2. We provide our customers with different hot and cold showers and pools viz. Vichy showers, warm water therapy pools and dry water massage tables.

3. We pamper our customers by creating soothing situation like we provide you dim lit cabins to ease your eyes, piano music for treat to ears and decorated rooms with aroma candles and colorful fresh flowers.

4. We also give you the facility of choosing your own masseuse from our wide range of experienced males and females professionals. As we provide female to male massage in Koramangala Bangalore.

5. We assure you of keeping you away from the contaminations and the infections by regularly sterilizing our tools and equipment. You don't have to worry about hygienic environment and pools as we take care of it in advance.

6. We use quality and branded products of oils, gel, creams, etc for lubrication when it comes to customers with sensitive skin.

Body Massage in Koramangala Bangalore

1. A massage therapy is a combination of various mild pressure exercises or activities that stimulates your energy points and increases your blood circulation as well as improves the functioning of lymphatic system.

2. Swedish therapy includes applying pressure with hands along with gliding, sliding, kneading and shaking activities which the blood to flow properly in our veins and arteries without any blockage.

3. Ayurvedic massage make the use of ancient Vedas for massage therapies. It focuses on detoxification of the body by curing your lymphatic system.

4. For eliminating pain like back pain, headaches chinese massage which is a fusion of Japanese therapy considered helpful in curing sore muscles, spasm, sprains, etc.

5. Trigger point massage deactivates the point that causes sensation of pain. We have professional masseuse in body massage parlour in Koramangala Bangalore who are well versed with all pain creating and energy points.

1. A body massage in Koramangala Bangalore kills depression and anxiety issues. It also cures stress related diseases like hypertension and chronic tension headaches.

2. It fastens the body activity by enhancing the blood and lymph circulation.

3. It cures organ disorders like digestive or respiratory disorders.

4. It nullify toxins and flushes out them out of the body.

5. It makes your immune system strong as it increase white blood cells in the body.

6. It distracts your mind from all stress and tensions and fill it with positive thoughts.

7. It enhances your body activities by making you more flexible and energetic.

8. It cures migraine and other severe headaches.

9. It rejuvenate every cell of you from head to toe as after massage cells start getting proper nutrition and oxygen to breathe.

10. It enhances the activity of brain and also makes it happy by releasing dopamine and serotonin hormones.