Body Massage Center in Rajajinagar Bangalore

Whether you are an engineer writing codes for a firm here in silicon valley of India or a MBA graduate who is toiling day and night to make the company successful or a housewife who engages herself entirely for the welfare of family then take a break from your daily routine and get a body massage in Rajajinagar Bangalore. It will help you to increase your competency at work and will reduce the accumulated stress due to work load. These days when we have very little for ourselves we tend to ignore our mental and physical health. We choose to work more instead of engaging ourselves in the activities which could make us happy and relaxed. But a constant ignorance can cause many diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, hypertension and depression.

Body massage parlour in Rajajinagar Bangalore will help you to get Indian and exotic massage therapies near your workplace or home. Write a massage therapy in your to do list before it gets too late.

Why to have massage in Rajajinagar Bangalore?

You won’t be disappointed after having a body massage in Rajajinagar Bangalore as we are well equipped with all luxurious facilities and tools as per their use during a massage therapy viz. unique tables and chairs used for various massage, warm water therapy pools, dry water massage tables, Vichy showers and many more. We only use high quality gels, oils and crèmes for the lubrication. The variety of massage therapies that are available in our parlors are:

Swedish Massage: It is a European therapy consists of five stroke styles like sliding and gliding; kneading; rhythmic tapping; friction and vibrations or shaking. It is helpful in reducing back pain with long lasting effect.

Thai Massage: It is a fusion of Indian and Chinese tradition of medicine. It focuses on energy lines of the body and reduce the blockage to increase the blood and lymph circulation thus curing the musculoskeletal pain and fatigue.

Ayurvedic Massage: Using ancient Vedic knowledge of regaining your strength and maintaining healthy lifestyle, this massage is emphasized on lymphatic system of the body for expelling out all the toxins. This massage also increases white blood cells thereby making your immune to diseases. Along with immunity, it is one of the soothing technique to relieve the pain.

Foot Massage: It mainly involves activation of some specific point located on feet as it is believed that these points are linked to corresponding organs. Thus, stimulation of these points directly affect the organs they are attached to through veins or nerves. It cures malfunctioning of organs.

Chinese Massage: It mainly deals with acupressure points of the body and their stimulation by combined activities like kneading, pushing, pinching and pressing. It is of the traditional Chinese practice with the mixed with Japanese massage techniques to rejuvenate body. It detoxify the body and eliminates joint pain.

Along with these popular massage we also provide you female to male massage in Rajajinagar Bangalore. Do give us a visit and heal yourself to the core. Get back your life again and live it to the fullest.